Helping Humanity Work Towards Unity

Guidance to help souls remember who they are. 


Reconnection To Nature

My goal as an Elven Pleiadian being is to help you re-imagine your soul from the point of time before Adam and Eve were said to be thrown out of the Gardens into this earthly world. Do you remember when you were one with nature around you?  We can bring the "Gardens of Eden" to Earth. 

Rebuild Empathic Connection

There has been a split within the human psyche to cause disconnect from one another causing hate and division. The Elven family of Light are here to bring people back together again by bringing master teachings of wisdom and understandings between souls. 

Self Empowerment

I am here as a messenger to you to bring you information that you are sovereign beings from birth and you are here to manifest the life, your soul was set out to create. Let me guide you towards your higher self and unleash your full creative power within. 

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Project Elvenstar Blog

About Me

Greetings in Love, Light & Wisdom

Kimberel Eventide, while in a human body, she considers herself as an Elven Light Warrior in touch with the Realms of Light within the Collective Universal Mind such as the Fae & Angelic realms. She channels Higher Dimensional Energies into this world including Pleiadian messages as a starseed, so that others may heal and feel reborn into the light. Her motivation is to help move as many souls forwards through the shadow self into their higher versions of themselves while on earth in real and practical ways. 

Holding a Masters In the Arts of Education and having many years of running educational programs, she has learned the best techniques to teach others with to receive information.

Her missions ever since being a little girl  is to help foster humanity's connection to nature as well as help bring forth the realms of Light into the material world. 

She highly believes we come from a Loving Prime Source that wishes to experience the next stage of humanity within higher wisdom, truth, love, and unity within unique expressions of the self.